Camera Box

A protective box holds two DSLR cameras used to image the night sky and their supporting electronics. The cameras are entry-level Canon DSLRs with Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 lenses. This provides a large field of view: 15 degrees x 10 degrees; as a result, a typical image of the night sky can contain 10,000 stars.

Note that the use of two cameras is not related to binocular vision. It provides us with more images to process, but at a lower cost than one camera with a larger lens with twice the light gathering of the two smaller lenses.

The box has two holes to expose the lenses for imaging, which are the β€œeyes” of the unit. When not in use, the equatorial mount rotates the box so that the eyes are looking down at the ground to help keep it dry and safe.

Camera Box Parts



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