Config Server

Get and set values in the config server via the command line


The pocs config command offers some basic ways to interact with the mount, mostly to be used while testing or as a backup if something goes wrong.



(conda-pocs)  panoptes@panoptes  pocs config get mount

{'brand': 'ioptron',
 'commands_file': 'ioptron/v310',
 'driver': 'panoptes.pocs.mount.ioptron.cem40',
 'model': 'cem40',
 'serial': {'baudrate': 115200, 'port': '/dev/ttyUSB0', 'timeout': 0.0},
 'settings': {'max_tracking_threshold': 99999,
              'min_tracking_threshold': 100,
              'non_sidereal_available': True,
              'park': {'dec_direction': 'north',
                       'dec_seconds': 15,
                       'ra_direction': 'west',
                       'ra_seconds': 15},
              'update_tracking': False}}

(conda-pocs)  panoptes@panoptes  pocs config get mount.serial.port



Used for setting values. If successfully set, the key and value are returned.

(conda-pocs)  panoptes@panoptes  pocs config set mount.serial.port "/dev/ttyUSB0"

{'mount.serial.port': '/dev/ttyUSB0'}


Runs the setup wizard.

(conda-pocs)  panoptes@panoptes  pocs config setup

Setting up configuration for your PANOPTES unit.
This will overwrite any existing configuration. Proceed? [y/N]: y
Enter the base directory for POCS [/home/panoptes/pocs]: 
Enter the user-friendly name for this unit [Generic PANOPTES Unit]: Alcyone
Enter the PANOPTES ID for this unit. If you don't have one yet just use the default. [PAN000]: PAN021
Enter the latitude for this unit, e.g. "19.5 deg" [19.54 deg]: 
Enter the longitude for this unit, e.g. "-154.12 deg" [-155.58 deg]: 
Enter the elevation for this unit. Use " ft" or " m" for units, e.g. "3400 m" or "12000 ft" [3400.0 m]: 
Enter the timezone for this unit [Pacific/Honolulu]: 
Enter the GMT offset for this unit [-600]: 


Restart the config (supervisorctrl) service. Use if values in config file have changed or if getting errors with the other commands.

(conda-pocs)  panoptes@panoptes  pocs config restart


The config server is the config. 😏 See Configuration for details on setting up the configuration the first time.

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