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How to configure the electronics inside the camera box.

STEP 1: Set up the camera electronics


STEP 2: Remove the mounting plate from the camera box

STEP 3: Decide the layout of the electronics on the mounting board

STEP 4: Assemble and connect the electronics as per the following wiring video

Add On - Camera Shutter Trigger
Add On - Grove Pi & Sensors
The image shown in the center at the end of the above video is for reference on how the wires are soldered. When soldering those individual wires to the transistor, make sure to use a heat shrink to cover each solder connection. A bigger heat shrink can then be used over the entire part to secure the connections (image on right at the end of the video).

Tips to secure different electronic components

Using Cable Ties
Terminal Block
DC-DC Converters
Raspberry Pi
The MicroSD card will later be installed with Ubuntu and the PANOPTES software (POCS). Make sure the MicroSD card is accessible and easy to take out while securing the Raspberry Pi.