POCS Command Line

Describes the functions of the `pocs` command line.

POCS Services

Starting and Stopping

POCS services uses supervisord to run processes in the background. To check that things are running, use the command sudo supervisorctl status.
(conda-pocs) [email protected]  ~ sudo supervisorctl status
[sudo] password for panoptes:
pocs-config-server RUNNING pid 805, uptime 0:44:41
pocs-power-monitor RUNNING pid 806, uptime 0:44:41
pocs-weather-report RUNNING pid 807, uptime 0:44:41
When making changes to the config file, use sudo supervisorctl reread to save those changes.
You might want to skip ahead to installing the Installing PowerBoard before testing the system hardware via POCS, which will allow you to control the power to the various hardware components.
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