4 Camera Design

This is an optional upgrade for builders wanting to upgrade their 2 camera PANOPTES unit to a 4 camera PANOPTES unit.

Hardware Parts

Upgrading your PANOPTES unit from a 2 camera system to a 4 camera system?

The parts for the additional camera box and hardware for mounting are listed in the second tab in this link.

These are the additional hardware parts you need apart from a second fully built camera box.

Directly building a PANOPTES unit with 4 cameras?

If you plan on directly building a 4 camera unit, buy the parts listed in the first and second tab of this link, except for the vixen style dovetail listed in the first tab.

Hardware Assembly

Step 1: Attach 3090 Extrusion to Losmandy

The 0.250 inch central holes (colored in red) on the Losmandy match up with the M8 tapped holes on the 3090 aluminum extrusion. The extrusion can be attached to the Losmandy at these holes that line up, using M6 to M8 self-tapping helicoils.

Use threadlocker to secure the helicoils in place, before further assembly.

Attach the extrusion to the Losmandy plate using low profile hex socket screws.

Step 2: Attach camera boxes

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