Make sure your software and hardware actually work!
This is not a comprehensive set of tests but is mostly designed to ensure that your system has been properly installed.
What is Jupyter?
Jupyter lets you run POCS (and other!) commands via a web browser in the form of "notebooks". You can run these notebooks as long as you are connected to the same network as your PANOPTES unit (for an even more remote setup, check the forums!)
When POCS is installed there is also a jupyter server started that you can use to access the system and perform tests. This server is available using the hostname of the system (see Customize install options) at the following url: https://<hostname>:8888. For our example system this would be https://PAN021:8888.
The installation script makes a /home/panoptes/notebooks folder that includes a TestPOCS notebook that will run through the basics of testing the unit hardware. You can see this notebook on github.


After the above script is run you should be able to control and monitor the Power Board from the command line using the pocs power command. For example:
# Display the status for each power channel (relay)
pocs power status
# Turn off the fans.
pocs power off fans
# Turn on the fans.
pocs power on fans
# See the current readings for all power channels.
pocs power readings